Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Who is CENTRIA?

A. CENTRIA was created with more than 100 years of building manufacturing expertise.  In 1996, CENTRIA was formed with the merger of three companies: H.H. Robertson, E.G. Smith, and Steelite. H.H. Robertson was an international company that manufactured corrosion-resistant metal wall and roof panels, a patented sheet metal, foam composite panels, and electrified floor systems. E.G. Smith, an architectural coatings company, had also launched its own insulated foam composite wall system. Steelite was a manufacturer of light-gage steel trusses and corrugated panels. The combined expertise of these companies made CENTRIA an immediate leader in exterior metal architectural systems.

Q. Why was Eco Sound Barrier developed?

A. Many state DOTs had expressed a need for a lightweight, economical, low-maintenance, eco-friendly solution for noise reduction on streets and highways. Eco Sound Barrier met that need with a substantial cost savings over traditional precast panels.

Q. Can Eco Sound Barrier be used with standard posts and foundations?

A. Because many state DOTs have predetermined standards and designs for post types (generally wide-flange steel or reinforced concrete), sizes (heights from 4 to 24 feet), and spacing (typically no more than 14 feet apart), Eco Sound Barrier is manufactured to fit right in. Contact us with your specific project design requirements.

Q. What does the pricing for Eco Sound Barrier cover?

A. Pricing is for the finished barrier panel material and accessories only and does not include post and foundation costs, shipping charges to the site, or installation labor and equipment charges.

Q. How long can I expect to wait for delivery?

A. Eco Sound Barrier panels can be delivered to your site in as little as 6 to 8 weeks after approval of the noise barrier panel shop drawings.

Q. Can I see shop drawings to determine if Eco Sound Barrier will work on my project?

A. Certainly. These dimensioned drawings are prepared by CENTRIA Engineering and include all the elevations and details necessary for adapting the panels to the particular requirements of each project. Panel mounting details are included as well, along with all installation information.

Q. How much maintenance does Eco Sound Barrier require?

A. Eco Sound Barrier coatings are formulated to resist the effects of weathering in extremely harsh conditions. They also provide excellent flexibility, maximum abrasion and chemical resistance, and barrier corrosion protection. Our coating systems are warranted for a period of 20 years and require little or no maintenance with the exception of graffiti removal. When graffiti is present, contact us for specific removal recommendations.

Q. Do you have testimonials from Eco Sound Barrier users?

A. Click here for the case study to learn more about Joseph B. Fay Company, a contractor who recently used Eco Sound Barrier for a stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.